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At Peak Fitness Management, we have helped a wide variety of clients train for the sport of life.

Whether your goal is to have energy to spare after a long day or to compete in athletics on an international level, we can help you achieve your goals.

Karen Noel-Bentley

A Peak Fitness Success Story

I have tried to be healthy for most of my life. I was careful with what I ate and tried to exercise (when I had time). Once I hit 40, though, my body didn’t seem to bounce back from my increasingly longer periods of inactivity and “cheat” eating days.

When I finally decided to contact Cord in the fall of 2014, I was 45 years old and felt like a mess. I was gradually putting on weight, my energy was low, I had neck pain, back pain, hip and knee pain, and could barely walk with the pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. It was time to invest in my health, so I bought a package of 100 training sessions and consulted Cord about improving my nutrition.

Just under a year later, Cord and Evan have transformed my life! I lost 30 pounds, have lots of energy throughout the day, feel strong, and am pain free! My Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis completely cleared up without any additional treatments, my hips and knees feel strong and stable, and I no longer need to use orthotics. My friends, family, and colleagues regularly comment on how much better I look, based on my weight loss and overall healthy demeanor.

From day one, Cord and Evan have emphasized “core” strength and proper form. I told Evan that I wish I could run, but I figured it would never be possible because of my various joint pains. Once I started to feel stronger, Evan worked with me on the treadmill to develop proper walking and running form. Now, I run three times per week and feel light on my feet.

I am so happy with my transformation that I have purchased another 100-session package. Now that I am fit and strong, my new goal is to increase my strength and develop a higher level of athleticism. I look forward to every session with Peak. Cord is a master at hiring the best trainers, so I know that I will learn something new and valuable at every session, no matter who is working with me.

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Tracy Rogers – human resources

“ I have been training with Peak Fitness Management for almost 6 years now. I always thought I was in pretty good shape. I ran quite a bit and even trained for a marathon at one point in my life. Since training with Peak, however, I quickly realized that I was nowhere near my peak potential and was even neglecting many parts of my physical fitness. Within three months of starting my training I noticed immediate results. I was stronger than ever before, and could push myself further than I ever did before. I trained with Peak throughout my second pregnancy and it truly made a difference in my overall body and shape while I was pregnant. After having my baby, my goal was to lose my pregnancy weight as quickly as I could, and with Peak’s help, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 weeks and was able to do my first chin-up on my own within 3 months of having my baby. These are goals that I could not have reached had I not trained with the PFM team. I would highly recommend them to anyone, with any level of fitness. They are an enjoyable team to work with and will tailor a training plan that will enable you to meet all of your fitness and lifestyle goals. ”

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Joe Average – Artist

“ I am 50 years old and have been living with HIV for over 25 years. About 8 years ago I was very devastated as I noticed my body fat disappearing (a wasting symptom caused by the long term use of the HIV anti-retroviral drugs that I am on). I was starting to look like a skeleton draped in skin. I felt like I as withering away to nothing. My specific goal when signing on with the Peak Fitness Management team was to replace the lost body fat with muscle. I look in the mirror now and see a strong healthy man which does so much for me psychologically. ”

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Dave B.

“ A very good friend told me about a free week trial with Peak Ultimate Training Camp in early June so I gave it a go. I immediately fell in love with the workouts. I just can’t wait to get to the next session and “go hard”. It doesn’t hurt that the entire team of trainers are awesome individuals. We are now just passed 3 weeks of a nutrition plan that Chris started us on I feel that I am getting dialed in to feeding my body better. I have more energy and feel much stronger when I get to work at 3:30 am and my back issues are virtually gone now that my core is stronger than ever. Jeans are looser and t shirts are tighter – both very good signs!! ”

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Kerri A.

“ I knew then that the long distance running I was doing wasn’t accomplishing the fitness goals I’d actually set for myself. (And yes, Chris did tell me this right from the start, but I couldn’t quit on my goal!) I bit the bullet and joined Peak 4 days a week in July. A month or so later I was still a bit frustrated with my lack of progress and went back to Chris. We talked about my training and apparently there was no denying at that point that my nutrition was the problem. Apparently pizza and beer is NOT in fact the breakfast of champions, even in the name of ‘carb loading’. Who knew? ”

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Dan M.

“ In March 2012 I weighed 272 lbs. I was overweight and as a result of that an old back injury had resurfaced. My quality of life was at a low point – I had basically hit rock bottom. My doctor said to improve your quality of life you must lose some weight through exercise and proper nutrition. I knew there was only one way to do that, so I approached Chris and the team from Peak Fitness and asked for their help. They were more than happy to assist me.”

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“ I met my Peak trainer and began working out with the PUTC family. Knowing my wedding day was fast approaching, Chris Jarman started me on the Peak Fitness Management Nutrition Principles and in two months I lost 12lbs and could fit into my wedding dress! I no longer feel tired all of the time, my immune system is stronger (I haven’t been sick at all even though I’ve been surrounded by sick people!), I feel more energetic and stronger during my workouts, and I recover much quicker. I reached my goal of fitting into my wedding dress and now have a goal of dropping around 5% body fat by continuing to follow the Peak Fitness Management Nutrition Principles, working out with PUTC, and using Chris and Marc for support and knowledge. ”

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Peter H.

“ I guess my goal was that Peak would be able to strengthen my body so that I could better overcome the injuries as a result of the fall, and also, to feel fit again. Well the result has been better that my wildest dreams! I started at Peak weighing 178lbs, and by the end of September 2012 weighed in at a lean 164lbs. ”

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